Breathing and Sleep

Good breathing patterns enable and support good health. The function of breathing is to introduce and regulate respiratory gases to the bodies tissues and organs and then perform gaseous exchange so waste gases can be expelled from the body.  Nasal breathing patterns also influence facial growth and spinal stability.

MyoDynamics believes the nasal breathing  patterns have a profound positive effect on an individuals body to help it function optimally . With good patterns in place not only general health benefits are believed to occur but good facial development and reduction of sleep disorders result.

A multidisciplinary approach maybe required for some case including consultation with an ENT specialist.

MyoDynamic use breathing programmes reinforced by biofeedback technology, to look at and work with optimising the three key aspects of efficient breathing patterns to recondition breathing patterns to a normal level

1) The volume of the breath

2) the rate of the breath and

3) the mechanisms used to breathe.

Lifesyle will also be considered to help the support the success of such a programme.