All athletes and sports people at whatever level or age would like to improve their fitness and performance.  This can be aided easily by implementing good breathing principles without the use of supplements or drugs.

It is widely known that high altitude training can help improve an individuals overall performance with longer endurance, reduction in lactic acid build up and a lower risk of injury.
Improving fitness depends upon  the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, high altitude training increases the production of EPO (erythropoietien) due to the reduction of oxygen at high altitude.   EPO is produced in the liver and kidneys (prenatal / adults) and is involved in red blood cell production.  With an increase in red blood cell production higher levels of haemoglobin are available to transport oxygen to the muscles and other body tissues.

It makes sense to improve breathing stamina when aiming to improve body stamina. Changing the way you breathe can improve this stamina,  which is usually limited by the lungs resulting in breathlessness before the muscles limit an athlete. 

Many athletes may retire early from their field due to cardio or respiratory issues, addressing breathing stamina can extend a sporting career.

We aim to help you understand  how your breathing effects oxygenation to your body.  Once you have this knowledge you have the key to improve breathing patterns and full body health and stamina by:

  • Train at a higher intensity and reduce breathlessness during exercise
  • Improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles and organs
  • Improve your VO2 max
  • Reduce the risk of injury and build up of lactic acid–Improve your overall health and performance