Bowen Integrated Therapy

In the late 1950s Australian structural therapist, Tom Bowen developed a unique osteopathic approach to the treatment of physical dysfunction.  He
discovered relationships existed between certain health complaints and particular patterns of muscular dysfunction. This lead to the development of a systematic myofasical stimulation which brought about long term corrections to the unusual patterns of muscular dysfunction and the corresponding health complaints. In 1973, a government enquiry into complementary therapies  recorded him as treating up to 13,000 patients per year, with an 88% success rate.

Developed from later work of Tom Bowen, Bowen Integrative Therapy is a dynamic and skillful professional body work technique, which alerts the bodies
innate healing wisdom to be activated, the body will continue to regulate itself for as long as it has the reserve energy necessary to sustain life.
 The resulting effect of this comprehensive re-organisation of the muscular structure of the body characterised by a lasting relief from the pain and
dysfunction plus an increase in energy levels. The main components which are related to the balance of the body include the sacrum, coccyx, cranium
and temporomandibular joint complex and the dural membrane which connects them to make a functional unit.

Bowen Integrative Therapy is a soft tissue therapy designed to release muscles and fascia in a manner which is safe for all ages. In releasing muscular
imbalances the body has the ability to self regulate and in this process pain and symptoms can reduce and energy levels increase.
Treatment comprises the application of specialised moves on the body carried out in a very specific and systematic manner. These gentle moves on specific
muscles or precise points on the body create an energy flow and vibration between the areas.  This allows the body to communicate better with itself
and balance the related tissues, muscles and organs.

Bowen Integrative Therapy uses light touch through clothing between each set of moves there are pauses to allow the body assimilate the energy and
vibrations. The body can continue to unravel from 2 to 5 days after therapy.  Most clients will benefit from 2 to 3 sessions however chronic health problems
or who need continual support may require additional sessions.  Therapy can help a wide range of symptoms.