All foods increase breathing therefore it is important to consider eating patterns when looking at breathing and in turn sleep.  The key is to eat good foods when you are hungry, chewing the food adequately to aid digestion and reduce the amount of foods to be satisfied.

Ancestral diets comprised 95% alkaline foods and 5% acidic forming foods, whereas many modern diets contain around 95% acidic forming foods such as red meat, coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy products, wheat and processed foods and only 5% alkaline foods.  

With modern diet the body attempts to deal with this acidic residue via the kidneys, lungs and skin.  The lungs result in increased breathing patterns, mouth breathing and therefore chronic hyperventilation.   Our system can only cope with so much therefore we need to be aware how we nourish our bodies.  If the acidic residue can’t be cleared then it is stored in the body as the blood and cells need a slightly alkaline environment to function.  This storage can be in several forms such as LDL cholesterol, fat, uric acid (which can result in kidney stones, gout and gall stones)

The body strives for balance and you can aid and help your body by considering what you consume.  A good diet with plenty of alkaline foods can support the removal of acidic waste.  Advice and guidance will be given when undertaking a breathing programme.