Nutrition & Skincare

The chemistry and nutrients to and from the facial complex are essential for not only a healthy elegant complexion but also for good function of the complex.   In addition to this our body’s ability to absorb nutrients and the nutritious value of the foods we consume must be considered.  Good effective chewing and swallowing process of nutritious food is required in order to ensure release of nutrients within the food.

Our bodies naturally require an alkaline state for good inner and outer health. We are aware of products that are formulated to complement the pH of the skin and hair, if products are used which are too acid or alkaline they are more damaging, the skin and hair can become dry and lifeless.  

We should not only consider what we apply to our skin and hair but more importantly what balancing the bodies ph does from within by the foods we eat and drink and regulating our breathing patterns. Many of us suffer from imbalances in our body’s pH and have too much acid in the system, otherwise known as acidosis.  As our system needs to function in a small range of ph 7.35 to 7.45, in order to buffer and safely remove any excess acids the body borrows minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from vital organs and bones.  This continual compensation can go on undetected for years and can result in symptoms such as poor skin, weak and brittle nails, fatigue and many other symptoms, illness and disease.  Addressing the ph balance will not only help improve skin, nails and hair condition but it is also essential for a healthy inner being. 

The skin acts as a protective barrier and functions is to eliminate a portion of the body’s toxic waste products through sweating.  If the body contains more toxins than the liver can effectively discharge, the skin takes over and its healthy integrity is disrupted.  This is the key factor behind many skin complaints.   The skin also breathes if the pores become clogged microbes can flourish. Dirt, dust oils and grime from pollution can also clog the pores resulting in dull unhealthy skin, cleansing the skin properly with good products is essential for a healthy youthful appearance.

The nutritional and chemical balance of system and the skin can be assessed and tested on differing levels.  Basic screening within your MyoDynamic Natural Beauty programme will include

  • A biofeedback assessment of your breathing patterns
  • Applied kinesiology testing for nutrition and related organ function
  • Applied kinesiology testing for facial products

MyoDynamic programmes can help to improve breathing and functional patterns. If nutritional imbalances are detected then referral to appropriate practitioners can be made required.