Orofacial myology and functional patterns of the head and neck can affect how the body ultimately receives the nutrients consumed. The body requires 56 nutrients on a daily basis for good health..  What and how we eat influences the nutrition our body receives. The journey of these nutrients commences in the mouth. In order for the nutrients to be released appropriately from the food we consume the digestive process is important.

Improperly digested food will not enter the blood and can putrefy within the system which can lead to gas, bloating, abdominal pain diarrhoea, constipation and other digestive problems.  Digestion is a demanding process on the body needing a lot of energy especially if forced to digest improperly chewed food.

Foods that require chewing are good to utilise the muscles. Chewing properly allows the body to work more efficiently and breakdown the food faster both mechanically by the oral structures and chemically by the enzymes in the saliva. This helps to make digestion easier on the stomach and small intestines where the production of other enzymes is stimulated whilst we are chewing.

Eating and drinking should be an enjoyable experience not rushed, allowing one to enjoy flavours and textures as well as interacting with family and friends during mealtimes. Weight can be controlled more easily as portions sizes reduce with slower eating habits and improved digestion. Your body can feel alive with good efficient release of the foods energy.

Dysfunctional patterns of the orofacial complex (OMD) will interrupt good mechanical and chemical breakdown of the food.  Addressing these functional patterns within a therapy programme will aid an efficient digestive process.