Resonance is defined as the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating. Something with resonance has a deep tone or a powerful lasting effect.  Vocal resonance is where phonation is enriched in character and/ or intensity to improve sound.

The shape of the vocal tract resonates the buzz sound (sound frequencies of overtones and/or harmonics) from the larynx.  This sound not only springs down into the chest and resonates bone structures but also the mouth, nose and head, all will affect the sound detail/frequency: loud, soft, high or low, vibration of surrounding bony structures will be effected differently.

Controlling the shape and size of the vocal tract will enable a person to develop and use various resonances resulting in improved quality and richness of the voice.  The muscular structure of the head and neck (stomatognatic system) and articulators within the vocal tract will alter this shape and therefore affect the resonance and quality of the voice.

Dysfunctional patterns of the stomatognatic system/Orofacial complex will impact upon this.  Assessing and improving this system will in turn enrich an individual’s voice.  MyoDynamics works closely with VoiceGym to provide improvement in such systems.