Surgical Support

There are a variety of surgical procedures available to improve facial aesthetics; a MyoDynamic Natural Beauty programme can aid such procedures by enhancing the natural beauty prior to the technique, promote healing process after the procedure and help maintain the surgical results.

Facial muscles are interlinked with the skin, the majority have a bone origin and insert into other muscles of the skin.  Each of these muscles has an ideal length when properly toned to their center.  This length may be lost due to lack of movement, poor function, scaring or neurological impediment.  Contracting muscles can tone the muscle to its preferred length as well as building the muscle fiber and stimulate collagen production, which may have a combined effect of lifting the skin and forming a full, firm appearance of the face.

After any surgical procedure once swelling has reduced and your surgeon permits, gentle exercising the facial complex can help the stability of your procedure and enhance the results. Good movement of the muscles will not only help blood circulation which supplies the muscle and skin with the oxygen and nutrients it requires but also efficiently remove the waste products via movement of the lymphatics.  The movement of these fluids is essential to aid the healing process.

Close communication with your surgical team both before and after surgery is of paramount importance to ensure your Natural Beauty and surgical therapies coincide and produce a desirable outcome.