Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is described as uneasiness, worry and inner tension.  These thoughts are generally long acting that can stem from any event or thought, which can result in over reaction to a situation and recurrent cluttered thoughts.  This constant firing of the sympatic nervous system in the flight or fight response can result in restlessness, fatigue, muscular tension and problems in concentrating, this overactive thinking mind creates a continual cycle of the nervous system drive.

Modern lifestyle  can enhance and continue the cycle of an overactive mind and in turn the activation of the sympathic nervous system, an individuals breathing will also increase with this activation.   Such modern initiators include the busy home/work balance, time urgency, processed foods, over eating, lack of exercise, high temperatures in the home or work place and believing big deep breaths are good to help the body to function well.

This perpetuating situation becomes so with increase the breathing patterns which reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the blood.  In turn with less carbon dioxide in the system  the blood vessels constrict which reduced the oxygen to the brain that results in brain cell excitability
A MyoDynamic breathing programme has a two fold effect, firstly reduce the sympathic drive and secondly alter over breathing patterns to normal levels.  An individual can then be in a better situation to deal with anxiety and stress and take back control with attention to reducing the running thoughts and therefore altering the self perpetuating stress cycle.