Our skin is the largest organ of the body; it protects us from the environment and excessive water loss.  The skin helps in temperature regulation and sensory reception as well as the production of vitamin D foliates.  For radiant skin and efficient function a good supply of oxygenated blood is required.  The optimum delivery of the oxygen to the tissues relies upon its efficient release from the red blood cell.  Good breathing techniques balancing the oxygen and carbon dioxide and nutrient supply can enhance this delivery. 

Ensuring the body is well hydrated on the inside is more important than applying products to prevent loss of moisture.  Good hydration not only relies on enough fluid intake during the course of the day but more importantly calm, quite, nasal breathing ensures reduced loss of moisture.  Imagine breathing onto a pane of glass through the mouth, a large misty residue will be left however try the same with the nose and a much smaller residue is left.  Habitual mouth breathing during the day or night can be changed with a combination of breathing and myofunctional muscle training.

The skins resistance to toxins from the environment can be lowered by chemicals which are produced in the body due to stress such as cortisol, lactate and others.  Over breathing as many of us do in the modern world results in the brain being starved of oxygen which in turn can heighten anxiety, stress and depression. The chemicals produced can affect the tone and evenness of your complexion.  Correcting breathing patterns and being aware of the mind can help achieve inner harmony, lowering the production of these chemicals, turning off sypmatic and stimulating parasympatic drive.  The calmer and quite you breathe the better the distribution of oxygen throughout the body, the skin is the last to be nourished with oxygen so calm your breathing for an improved vibrant complexion.

MyoDynamics Natural Beauty programme will assess the body’s biochemical balance and guide an individual to improve regulation to the skin resulting in a healthy vibrant complexion.