Facial Exercise

We utilize fifty seven muscles in the face and neck, their resting tone, motion and fluidity are all influence by behavioral patterns.  It is these patterns which become ingrained and can result in a dull lifeless complexion and wrinkles. Overuse of the facial muscles can enhance wrinkles overtime therefore establishing good functional patterns of the orofacial complex is key to balance and natural beauty.

Facial muscles are interlinked with the skin, the majority have a bone origin and insert into other muscles of the skin.  Only twenty six of the fifty seven muscles are voluntary, facial exercises can help to access the majority of these muscles.  Each of these muscles has an ideal length when properly toned to their center.  This length may be lost due to lack of movement, poor function, scaring or neurological impediment.  Contracting muscles can tone the muscle to its preferred length as well as building the muscle fiber and stimulate collagen production, which may have a combined effect of lifting the skin and forming a full, firm appearance of the face. Good movement of the muscles will not only help blood circulation which supplies the muscle and skin with the oxygen and nutrients it requires but also efficiently remove the waste products via movement of the lymphatics.

Deep wrinkles are caused by the skin being trapped down to the underlying tissue, exercising the underlying muscle in addition to ensuring a good water intake helps to lift the skin resulting in a younger appearance.  There are many procedures available to reduce wrinkles and result in a more youthful appearance however some of these procedures can result in an expressionless look.  However with exercising the muscles naturally enhancing good functional patterning of the muscles, an individual’s personal expression is kept and more graceful beauty can be achieved with age.

A MyoDynamic Natural Beauty therapy progreamme can be tailored to help enhance your facial appearence.