The Lymphatic system first discovered by Olaus Rudbeck and Thomas Bartholin (1650), is one of the 11 body systems that plays a vital role in both removing waste and toxins from the body and maintaining its immunity against pathogens as well as working with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones. The cellular waste products get discharged from the cell into the surrounding space (extracellular space), this is where the lymph a transparent fluid which contains white blood cells and proteins circulates and removes waste products and toxins form the interstitial tissue. 

Congestion of this system in any area can affect an individual’s posture, this may involve cellular posture, orofacial and craniofascial posture or full upright body posture.

The lymphatic system lies closely with the circulatory system enveloped in the fascial pathway.  Even though the lymph has intrinsic muscle contraction within the lymphatic walls, its flow mainly relies upon external factors which produce motion such as

  • Muscular activity
  • Passive movement
  • Pulsation of blood vessels
  • Motility of the intestinal tract
  • Venous pressure
  • Gravity

Lymph channels run through the entire body close to the surface and deep within the body. Within these channels the lymph passes through filtering stations or lymph nodes.  Within the nodes the potentially harmful toxins are dealt with by the white blood cells.  When these nodes are active they can swell and this is a sign that the immune system is working.  Chronically swollen glands can indicate the gland is overworking or not draining adequately.  If glands are hard and fixed interconnected with adjacent skin further advice from your doctor is recommended.

An efficient lymphatic system is essential for an optimally functioning body.  Congested lymph will lead to a congested lethargic body, think of a clear flowing stream compared to a dirty stagnant pond.  Within MyoDynamic therapy programmes the associated lymph drainage is considered.  In addition to body therapies such as NST, helping improving functional muscular patterns within the head and neck, and improving breathing patterns all aid the job of the lymphatic system revitalizing the individual.   Diet should also be considered as foods and hydration can also effect the viscosity and therefore flow of the lymph.