Snoring & Apnoea

Snoring is the sound produced during sleep caused by the volume of air flow which creates vibration of structures along the respiratory pathway.  The structures which may be involved as the air passes through the nose or mouth include the soft palate, tongue, uvula, upper and lower jaw, nasal bones and soft tissue.

Heavy breathers who may snore can breathe up to 15 litres of air a minute whereas normal healthy breathing volume is around 6 litres of air per minute.

Sleep apnoea is a progression of snoring and characterized by repetitive apneas (breath pauses 20- 40 seconds) during sleep even though the effort to breathe is present.  When the airways close to prevent the air flow of air to and from the lungs the condition is known as Obsturctive Sleep Apnoea.  This is caused by a negative pressure created by a deep breath into the lungs, collapsing the walls of the airway and therefore holding the breath.

The MyoDynamic Breathing Programme utilizes a combination of Buteyko Breathing, Orofacial Myology exercises and NST techniques to help change an individuals breathing volume towards a normal level. As snoring originates from breathing a large volume of air through a narrow space, reducing the volume of breath will calm and quieten the breathing allowing a deeper more rejuvenating sleep resulting not only reduction in snoring but improved energy and concentration levels during the day.