Natural Beauty

Natural beauty, elegance and harmony arises from inner beauty, peace and wellbeing, your face is an external reflection of your inner self.  Approximately twenty-five inches of your face gives more information about you than anyother part of their body.

Many procedures and products are available to produce a more youthful appearance some of which may lead to an expressionless outcome.MyoDynamics believes natural integrity of the facial muscles, complex and functional patterns such as breathing, chewing and swallowing, helping to support the important balance between the three cornerstones to health,

  • Biomechanical – this relates to the muscle forces and gravity on the skeletal structure,
  • Biochemical – each of us, as with any living entity have chemical requirements
  • Biopsychosocial – our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, all play a significant role our functioning. 

Each of these elements needs consideration for harmony and natural beauty to flourish. Therapists at MyoDynamics are available to provide an individual assessment which will map out the primary biodynamic aspects of natural beauty and their influence on the balance of the facial complex. A personal beauty programme will be recommended to enhance and unlock the natural beauty of the client.